Havana Tieband

Havana  is  our  newest  member  of  our  growing  collection  of  rope  tiebacks.  This range  is  all  about  rustic,  earthy  tones,  bringing  together  bold  colours  and  rich textures, it is the perfect way to create a natural look in your home.

Along  with  its  woven  rope  appearance,  this  range  offers  more  detail  and  more texture  than  our  other  rope  tiebacks.  It  is  made  up  of  four  strands,  often  in contrasting colours, entwined to create the look; each strand has a stripe design, which is what gives the tieback the textured effect.

The deep vibrant colours are a great pairing for our Weaver fabric; the deep and rich  tones  are  sure  to  stand  out  in  any  setting.  Each  colour  from these  ranges would compliment the other, projecting the warm notes within the fabrics.