New England Rope

We  are  excited  to  add  to  a  collection  that  has  proven  to  be extremely  popular with  our  customers  and  the  rope  tiebacks  have  become  a  staple  here  at  Jones because   they   are   incredibly   diverse   and   demonstrate   that   both   style   and functionality can go hand in hand.

New  England  combines  neutral  colours  together  with  vibrant  colours  such  as greens  and  blues;  by  weaving  these  two  it  creates  the  perfect balance,  making sure not to dominate one another.

It  is  available  across  5  colour  ways  ranging  from  light  to  dark,  complimenting any fabric or surrounding, it is made up of two strands woven together, one is a smooth  basic  colour  while  the  other  is  a  twisted  strand  of  multiple  colours, adding depth and detail to the tieback. It has a  quirky appearance, which makes it  stand  out  from  our  other  rope  tiebacks,  as  the  blend  of  colours  in  it  means  it can be paired with a wider variety of accessories without overpowering them.To   go   with   our   New   England   Fabric   range,   this   tieback   is   the perfect combination;  the  colours  are  a  great  match  and  work  well  together  with  the patterns of the fabric.