Creative Nottingham

The city of Nottingham is renowned for its creativity, being in the heart of the country it has always been at the centre of innovative products and pioneering businesses. It is a vibrant city with strong ties to the fashion and textiles industry dating back to the 1800s when lace became one of Nottingham’s biggest exports.

LacehistoryNottingham has an extensive history and long standing reputation for its creativity, from its two universities, to its thriving retail and trade industries, it is always at the forefront of innovation and style and continues to do so now.

LacemarketOver 100 years ago Jones began its journey as a family run business to become an integral part of Nottingham’s trading industry. Being an interior design company we always look for inspiration from all walks of life, whether it be art, fashion or the everyday. Nottingham is full of influential businesses spanning all industries that are proud to be from this great city. We take pride in where we come from, it is at the heart of everything we do and it has inspired some of our most popular products, such as the Robin Hood range, a modern take on Nottingham’s history. We are always looking towards Nottingham to inspire our products, and the company. Throughout the years our style has evolved with the city and we strive to keep all of our products up to date and most importantly on trend.

paulsmithOne of Nottingham’s most well-known faces is that of Paul Smith, an influential fashion designer who has put Nottingham on the map as a city of great potential and style. Over the 60 years he has been around, Paul has built up quite an empire stretching as far as Europe and even Tokyo, but throughout all of this he hasn’t forgotten his roots and still has an active role in his Nottingham store and spends a lot of his time inspiring others, with regular appearances at the universities, talking with students and also showcases their work and his own. His work can be seen throughout the city and in the most unusual places; using his signature style he has designed the seating in one of the theatre rooms in the Broadway cinema in Hockley.

paulsmith2Want to see more of the Robin Hood range and all our other collections? You can see all of our products on our website