Olivine Fabric Collection


Now that spring is here we want to share with you our latest fabric collection, perfect for the summer months to come.

Olivine is a great range for bringing light tones and floral patterns in to your home in a way that will brighten up an entire room and leave a lasting impression on everyone who’s in it.

This collection boasts elegance and sophistication, with its simple yet glamorous style. Each fabric within the range reflects the natural world and reminds us of the great outdoors from the comfort of your sofa.

jones2In this collection there are four fabrics, Blossom, Leaf, Stripe and Tulip, all with their own looks and textures each one can bring a different element to a room. The colours in this range are all neutral, with some warmer tones and others colder; the fabric is light and has a very slight metallic notes, which gives it a touch of elegance. Each colour within the range is calming and will go perfectly with any décor because of its muted patterns.


Blossom has a really simple design, a small floral pattern that adds a great texture on to the fabric, in the lighter shades, its subtle but the with the sheen on the fabric, as it catches the light the pattern stands out perfectly.

Leaf has a bolder pattern, and the reason behind the name, it is more spacious and stands out from the background, this is the more detailed one of the collection.


Stripe is another simplistic design, with small striped flowing down the fabric, it can add a hint of detail but still remains a plain style. The textures of the fabric along with the subtle metallic hints throughout give it a luxurious feel.

Tulip, the final fabric in the collection has smooth floral lines running through the fabric, this gives it movement, allowing it to blend in to any space.

To accompany this fabric, our metallic tieback collection is the perfect pairing. Continuing that glamorous feel, these tiebacks blend with the soft colours in this range and the metallic colours that run throughout both collections compliment each other well.

For a more elegant look, why not try pairing it with our Tiffany tieback? Its diamanté detail is a great way to make any space more desirable.