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For a final detail to your window display, why not browse our comprehensive collection of beautiful tiebacks. Ideal for that finishing touch.


Merton Tieback

Luxor Tieback

Bexley Tieback

Cipolla Tieback

Hygge Tieback

Narnia Tieback

Principal Large Tieback

Principal Acrylic Tieback

Opera Tieback

Palais Tieback

Blenheim Tieback


Portobello Carnival Tieback

Portobello Arcade Tieback

Venice Tieback

Ombre Tieback

Panama Tieback

Ensemble Tieback Extender

Ensemble Sovereign Tieback

Ensemble Emperor Tieback

Ensemble Duchess Tieback

Florentine Large Tieback

Florentine Medium Tieback

Florentine Ribbon Tieback

Monaco Barrel Tieback

Natural Medium Tieback

Coastal Padstow Tieback

Interlude Pendant Tieback

Interlude Standard Tieback

Metallic Tieback

Tiffany Tieback

Shard Tieback

Milly Tieback

Belezza Tieback

Charleston Tieback

Pixie Tieback

Finesse Tieback

Tangiers Tieback

Excelsior Tieback

Kiera Tieback

Cheviot Tieback

Moulin Tieback

Marrakesh Tieback

Roaring Twenties Tieback

Heritage Tieback

Accents Tieback


Sassari Tieband

Trevi Tieband

Lustre Tiebands

Artisan Tieband

Milan Embrace

Venice Tieband

Milan Rope

Ensemble Regal Tieband

Swish Vetro Bello Tieband


Principal Rope Tieback

Helston Rope

Tahiti Rope

Havana Rope

Portobello Talbot Rope

New England Rope

Coastal Shanklin Rope

Coastal Falmouth Rope

Natural Rope

Reef Rope

Swish Virage Rope

Swish Java Rope

Cushion & Key Tassels

Hygge Cushion Tassel

Portobello Cushion Tassel

Ensemble Cushion Tassel

Florentine Cushion Tassel

Florentine Key Tassel

Metallic Key Tassel

Tiffany Key Tassel

Interlude Key Tassel

Belezza Key Tassel